OUR Values


Eco-consciousness is awareness of our innate connection and alignment with nature. Our muse behind keeping eco-consciousness at our heart and in our steps lies in the mindfulness of our role towards mother earth and its impact within us, while our deep love for nature is an essence of it.

Our depth of this consciousness extends from the smallest grain of earth to the biggest sphere in the sky, and from everything within us to everyone around us. Hence in every step, we make sure to use recycled materials whenever possible and make local organizations like NGOs an integral part of our sourcing. We believe the more our steps are filled with care for the nature around us, the deeper it will align with the nature within us. 

In this quest for stillness, mother earth is our greatest muse, for it inspires us to bring stillness to the world within and around us while being true to our ever-changing nature.

OUR Values

Self Expression

We believe the closer we are to ourselves, the closer we get to our purpose. And the depth of this journey can be reflected by how honestly we can express ourselves. By realizing how transparent our self-expressions eventually become. Hence Sukoon crafts products that will help people get closer to themselves so that they can listen to their inner voice better and express their inner self more truthfully. 

Self-Expression is the soul of ‘Sukoon’. It contains our roots, our communication, and our vision. Right from the thought of beginning our journey to bringing it to life, self-expression has been our intuitive guide and that is what our products aim to bring to you.

OUR Values

Always Learning

The world around us is ever-growing and so are we. Change is constant and it demands learning, learning to grow it. We firmly believe that lifelong learning contains more power than it contains truth. One may choose not to make it a truth to live by, but those who choose to, have gained infinite wisdom. And isn’t it the point of everything - the blossom of every root? Every moment passes and the only souvenir it leaves us with is its lesson; its learning. 

Hence, Sukoon embraces learning as its spine. It is the value that holds us. We are committed to contributing our best to our customers and to this industry. From sourcing our ingredients to curating new flavors for our flower teas, we aspire to bring the best to the table. At Sukoon, we always aim to share our learnings through informative blog posts and social media content, so that we can savor the simple joy of being in the process of learning and growing from within.

OUR Values


Heartfulness to us means staying connected to our heart and our conscience through stillness and awareness. It is staying honest to our true-self and becoming more human. Sukoon believes that just having the intent to open our hearts, is enough to feel the love, compassion, and kindness we have for ourselves and for our loved ones. Just an intent is enough to be harmonious with our inner self. 


By creating products that help people embrace self-care as a routine, we hope to help them connect with their hearts. With Sukoon, we aspire to help our customers build a state for their mind, body, and spirit that encourages a heart-centered approach to life and make them feel one with themselves because it is the heart that makes a vessel a home.

OUR Values

Authenticity & Truth

Truthfulness and transparency are our core values. Sukoon encourages living authentically. Although being honest at every step might not be the easiest option often, in our experience, it is always the better one. Hence we are committed to containing our every word and action with honesty. It fills our chest with love and pride when we acknowledge the authenticity and care we have put into every step and detail of our products. 

We aspire to reflect as well as deliver the same honesty and transparency to our customers. Through our products, we seek to bring transparency in their relationship with themselves because a relationship knitted with honesty is a place of acceptance and serenity for a heart and your heart deserves no less. So we invite you to be a part of our journey to build a transparent relationship with the world within and around us.