Each Flower

Love is usually found in the backyards and that is where our Chamomile blossoms grow. Our flower teas are sourced from the serene gardens of the Himalayas, where the rural women hand pluck each blossom of Chamomile from their backyard.

To ethically source these flowers we are partnered with NGOs in Uttarakhand to join in their cause of better and sustainable living for everyone. The NGO works to take the ancient treasure of the area to the entire world and helps uplift the rural Himalayan community through women’s empowerment, sustainability, the revival of traditional culture, healthcare, and education.

Himalayan Temperature 

Himalayan mountains are known as the zenith of serenity. The serene gardens at elevations above 7000 FSL provide the ideal ambiance for the little blossoms to bloom to their fullest and brightest.  Everything from the soil to every being on it reflects its ancient wisdom and authenticity. To ensure this authenticity is felt in every sip of your tea-time routine, we mindfully source chamomile flowers from the fertile soils and cool temperatures of the Himalayan mountains, which blend perfectly to articulate the refreshing flavor and goodness of the chamomile. 

Multiple Hand-Sorting

The delicate process of hand-sorting of chamomile flowers is done by native rural women skilled in the meticulous task. In this step, the freshly hand-plucked flowers are taken to the warehouses where they are sifted and separated from the extra stems and leaves that might have along in the process of handpicking. Each blossom is hand-sorted and separated to ensure the consistent flavors and aroma of your brew. We might say that each blossom is plucked and sorted with hands separately, but it is really our heart that makes our cup of tea so flavorful and soothing.


Shade-drying is a conscious choice by Sukoon to embrace the better rather than the convenient. To shade dry the delicate chamomile blossoms are spread out in a thin layer and placed in a well-ventilated closed room to extract the moisture of the flowers. This slow and gentle process retains the flavors, colors, incense, and freshness of the flower intact. Although this process takes longer for the flowers to reach your cup of tea, every sip of it is a sweet reminder of our commitment to the better.

Whole Leaves

At Sukoon, we want your cup of tea to be filled with purity and goodness. Hence, we use whole flowers of chamomile in our teas instead of crushing them into a powder. The intent behind this simple choice is to ensure that you enjoy your wellness brew free from any extra stems or impurities that might get masked otherwise. We believe that this will help you experience the full, rich flavor of the chamomile and give you the content of treating yourself with a pure and flavourful cup of tea. 

Eco-Conscious Packaging

The packaging of our teas is done using eco-friendly and biodegradable tea bags made from plant-based materials. Our tea bags are allergen-free, recyclable, and extracted from Cornstarch. Since the material is not derived from petroleum, it will never leak any toxic microplastics into your brew so that your cup of tea is filled with serenity, care, and nature in its purest form.
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