Assorted Tea Box

Rs. 527
Varied Benefits
Perfect for Gifting
Discover New Flavors
Embark on a journey of flavors with Assorted Ambrosia. A handpicked selection from Uttarakhand's gardens, this box is a gateway to tranquility, vitality, and creativity.
Aroma :
An Ensemble of Fragrances
Colour Once Brewed :
Vibrant Blue, Ruby Red & Light Golden
30 Tea Bags
45 Tea Bags
90 Tea Bags
Rs. 527
30 Tea Bags
45 Tea Bags
90 Tea Bags
A Symphony of Nature's Finest

Three Teas, One Experience

Explore a curated collection of pure flower teas, each offering unique flavors and benefits. Assorted Ambrosia combines Chamomile Calm, Hibiscus Heaven, and Bluepea Serenity, handpicked from Uttarakhand's lush gardens, for a vibrant and diverse tea experience.
Chamomile Calm
Unwind with Chamomile Calm, a soothing blend handpicked from Uttarakhand's tranquil hills. Known for promoting sleep and relaxation, it boasts a sweet, fresh flower and hay aroma with a light golden color once brewed. Main Benefits: Promotes Sleep, Digestive Relaxant, Rich in Antioxidants.
Hibiscus Heaven
Dive into the tropical embrace of Hibiscus Heaven. Handpicked from Uttarakhand's lush gardens, this rejuvenating tea lowers blood pressure, boosts immunity, and is high in Vitamin C. Indulge in its tangy, cranberry-like flavor and deep red hue. Main Benefits: Lowers Blood Pressure, Boosts Immunity, High in Vitamin C.
Bluepea Serenity
Experience the tranquil touch of Bluepea Serenity. This distinct tea from the hills of Uttarakhand enhances memory, revitalizes metabolism, and is rich in antioxidants. Enjoy its earthy flavor with a hint of sweetness and watch its blue hue turn purple with a splash of lemon. Main Benefits: Enhances Memory, Metabolic Revitalizer, Antioxidants Rich.

Savor with Bio-Teabags™

Experience the authenticity and thoughtful design of our specially crafted teabags. Made with integrity, our Bio-Teabags™ connect you with nature and the essence of three unique flowers, offering a responsible and delightful tea adventure.
Our Ingredients
100% Organic Handpicked Flowers of Chamomile, Hibiscus, Bluepea
What's Inside
Bio-Teabags™, Cotton String, Paper-Tag
What's Not Inside
Microplastics, Glue, Staples, Metal or any Harmful Substances

A Tapestry of Hand-Picked Flowers

Our flower teas are sourced from the tranquil gardens of the Himalayas, where rural women lovingly hand pluck each blossom of Chamomile, Hibiscus, and Bluepea, crafting the symphony of Assorted Ambrosia.
Diverse Gardens & Mindful Sorting
Mindfully sourced and hand-sorted by skilled native women, ensuring consistent flavors, aromas, and the unique characteristics of each flower.
Shade-Dried Authenticity & Pure Goodness
Shade drying preserves authentic flavors and freshness, delivering a vibrant and diverse experience in every cup of Assorted Ambrosia.
Partnerships & Empowerment
Ethical sourcing with NGOs in Uttarakhand, focusing on community empowerment, sustainability, and cultural revival across various gardens.
Unwavering Commitment to Quality
Practices like shade-drying ensure a remarkable tea experience. Every sip serves as a reminder of our authentic, varied, and superior tea adventure.

Brewing Delight, One Cup at a Time

Our flower teas are sourced from the tranquil gardens of the Himalayas, where rural women lovingly hand pluck each blossom of Chamomile, Hibiscus, and Bluepea, crafting the symphony of Assorted Ambrosia.
Heat your water until it boils.
Infuse the tea bag of your choice in a cup with hot water.
Wait for 5-10 minutes to steep and release the flavors.
For Bluepea Serenity, add something citrus like lemon to change the color to purple if desired.
Customize with honey or other additives for a personal touch.
Recycle &

Our Customer Love Us

Don't just take our word for it, hear directly from our customers!
I loved this chamomile tea from Sukoon. The packaging is so cute and eco friendly. For someone who's been an insomniac for years now, this tea has really been my cup of comfort.
I had been looking for a good chamomile tea for a long time, I tried a few brands, and THIS is the one. It's perfect in all ways, love the sustainable packaging, and also the quality of the product.
Vrinda Gandhi
I was a bit skeptical before ordering a Chamomile tea, to my surprise it is very relaxing and soothing. The taste is pleasant. It is definitely better than using melatonin if you need any help with insomnia.
Alka Songara
After a tiring day at work, I brew myself a cup of Hibiscus and devour it. Love love the smell and taste of this tea by Sukoon.
Rakshita Soni